REACH Improving water security for the poor

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Thu, 2017-01-12 11:00


The University of Oxford under the leadership of Prof. Robert Hope is leading a consortium that is carrying out research related to the DFID funded programme termed "Improving Water Security for the Poor". The programme aims to:

1) increase water security for 2.5 – 5 million poor people by 2021,

2) develop and test an interdisciplinary risk-based framework,

3) establish Water Security Observatories in Africa and Asia, focusing on Fragile States,

4) provide new and replicable evidence-based metrics, tools and approaches required at operational scales,

5) generate and share new knowledge in over 60 open-access scientific papers,

6) build capacity and collaboration within the global consortium, and

7) competitively commission up to 30 per cent of the funds.


The programme will run over a period of  at least 7 years and will support 88 international researchers, including 15 PhD students and 14 post-doctoral researchers, working for 220 person years to improve water security outcomes for the poor in Africa and South Asia. The Kenya Lead Researcher is Prof. Daniel Olago, ICCA coordinator Water Environments and Ecosystems Click here for more information PDF|

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