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Start Date: 
Wed, 2018-06-27 09:00 - 12:00

Facilitator : Dr. Tom Odhiambo


In the interests of ensuring that the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA) students  comply with the University requirements of two publications before graduation, the Institute hosted an “Introductory seminar on Dissertation to Publication”. The seminar was facilitated by Dr Tom Odhiambo from the Department of Literature who introduced the background of how the academic protocols were adopted from religious orders as well as the reasons behind publication in the context of academia.


Dr Odhiambo introduced his talk as an exercise on “ How to write from a specialized perspective to a general audience”. He began by introducing reasons for writing and the role of a concept note and a proposal before describing the main purpose of a thesis.

Dr. Odhiambo reminded the students that the fundamental role of research is to answer questions. He lamented that the training in some academic tended to emphasize answers that were not well grounded in evidence and appealed to the students to keep on asking questions that can be answered with research. He advised that with the final thesis each chapter should be able to sustain an argument and it is from these arguments that the publications can be developed.


One other important function that Dr. Odhiambo emphasized as being crucial to  publication is that of networking. He illustrated this by reviewing the research topics of the students present and advised that some of the disciplines they are researching in can produce papers for  Afro-centric, gender-focused, development and climate change related journals and as such, the opportunities are wide. He also cautioned the students against predatory journals and journals that ask for cash up front for publication as reputable journals do not ask for money to publish student papers.

He concluded by advising the students present that he had just given an introduction and would be available for more seminars and to answer any questions they may have.

Contact Person: 
Prof. Shem Wandiga

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