Dr. Lydia Atieno Olaka

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Geology Department, University of Nairobi

Riverside drive, P.O. BOX 30197 00100, Nairobi

Tel +254 717 555003; Email lydiaolaka@uonbi.ac.ke

Personal information

Date of Birth

26th April 1978






2007 - 2011

PhD, Potsdam Universitaet, Germany.

Thesis Title: Sensitivity of lakes to Climate Changes on different timescales in the

East African Rift.

2002 - 2005

Master of Science, (Environmental Geology and Management) University of

Nairobi, Thesis title: Influence of Geology and Impacts of Land Use Changes in the

Nyando River Basin, Kenya

1997 - 2001

Bachelor of Science, Geology, University of Nairobi

First Class Honours



Awarded Volkswagen foundation Fellowship, to research on Groundwater

vulnerability to Climate change in Naivasha.


Brown University Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) Scholarship to attend

Institute for Climate change and its impacts course. Brown University, RI. USA.

13-26 June


DAAD Scholarship for PhD studies in Germany.

Research activities


Determining Groundwater Vulnerability to climate Change in the Naivasha Region.

2007 -2011

Environmental and Hydro-climatic changes in the Central Kenya Rift.


Research Assistant. Sustainable Management of Water resources in the East

African Rift System (MAWARI) Project.


Land use, land cover changes analysis using GIS and Remote sensing on Nyando

River Basin, Kenya


Graduate Assistant for the Assessment of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate

Change (AICC) Project.


Research Assistant. Sediment Greenhouse gas studies on the Lake Naivasha from

papyrus wetland, Lake Elmenteita and Lake Nakuru.


Student trainee. Sediment gas studies related to Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in

Lakes Nakuru and Bogoria.

Exploration of sediment hosted base metals at the Kenya Coast

Teaching Experience

2011 (July - to date)

Teaching Sedimentology, Geostatistics and Geology courses at Department of

Geology, University of Nairobi

2011 (Sept. – Oct.)

Climate Tectonics and Evolution Summer school, funded by the Volkswagen

foundation. Teaching assistant (MATLAB)

2010 (Sept. – Oct.)

Climate Tectonics and Evolution Summer school, funded by the Volkswagen

foundation. Teaching assistant (Hydrology of annual to millennial scales)

2009 (Sept.)

Climate, Tectonics and Evolution Summer school in East Africa, funded by

the Volkswagen foundation, Teaching Assistant (MATLAB and Hydroclimate of

Kenya rift)

Professional Experience

2011 (July)

Geology Department University of Nairobi, Tutorial Fellow


Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD), Kenya;

Intern, Research Assistant

Project: Groundwater resource and pollution project in the Kenya rift


Spatial analysis Consulting

Projects: Geospatial analysis of Environmental change; Developing GIS databases

for monitoring projects

2001- 2002

Pan African START Secretariat, Nairobi, Intern

Duties: International conference organisation, and administrative duties.


Anglo American Prospecting Services, Intern

Other training


Brown University Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) Institute for Climate

change and its impacts course. Brown University, RI. USA. 13-26 June

Field work in Suguta, Kenya- Tectonics, lakes and surface processes


Field school In North India titled, Tectonics and climate and surface processes


Swedish Metreological and Hydological Institute training on the hydrolocal

modelling HBV. June


Lake Victoria Training Program (LVTP), Limnology and Climate studies on Lake

Naivasha 06-20 Dec



Olaka L. A. Junginger A. Malik N Trauth M. H. Bayene E. (submitted) Recent trends in

East African Rainfall variability from Satellite Rainfall Estimates.


Olaka L. A. Kniess U. Olago D. O. Trauth M. H. Odada. E.O. (submitted) Estimating

Holocene Groundwater Depletion of the Central Kenyan Rift Lakes.

Stoof K. R. Junginger A. Olaka L. A. Tiedemann R. Trauth M. H. (in Press) Natural

environmental variability and anthropogenic overprint in the Lake Naivasha Basin

Central Kenya Rift: A diatom record over the last two centuries. Journal of

Paleolimnology. DOI 10.1007/s10933-011-9502-4

Trauth M. H. Maslin M. A. Deino A. Junginger A. Lesoloyia M.Odada E. O. Daniel O.

Olago D. E. Olaka L. Manfred R. Strecker M. R. Tiedemann R. Human evolution in a

variable environment: The amplifier lakes of Eastern Africa Quaternary Science

Reviews. 29. 2981-3348.

Olaka L. A. Odada E. O. Trauth M. H. Olago. D.O. The Sensitivity of East African rift

lakes to climate fluctuations Journal of Paleolimnology 44: 629-644


Olago D. Marshall M. Wandiga S. O. Opondo M. Yanda P. Z. Kangalawe R. Githeko A.

Downs T. Opere A. Kabumbuli R. Kirumira E. Ogallo L. Mugambi P. Apindi E. Githui

F. Kathuri J. Olaka L. Sigalla R. Nanyunja R. Baguma T. and Achola P. (2007)

Climatic Socio-economic and Health Factors Affecting Human Vulnerability to

Cholera in the Lake Victoria Basin East Africa AMBIO: A Journal of the Human

Environment. 36 350–358.


Wandiga S. O. Opondo M. Kathuri J. Olago D. Apindi E. Olaka L. Githeko A. Githui F.

Opere A. Ogallo L. Marshall M. Downs T. Yanda P. Z. Kangalawe R. Sigalla R.

Kabumbuli R. Kiramura E. Mugambi P. Nanyunja R. Baguma T. Achola P. Climate

Change Induced Vulnerability to Malaria and Cholera in the Lake Victoria Region.

Final Report of the AIACC Project No. AF91 The International START Secretariat

Washington DC.

Conference Presentations


Olaka L. Oswald S. Odada E. Kebede S. Vulnerability of Groundwater to Climate

variability in Naivasha region Kenya. BIARI Climate change and its impacts 13-26

June 2010. Providence USA


Olaka L. Trauth M. H. Sensitivity of East African lakes to climate change: Modeling

results. PAGES YSM and OSM. Retrospective views on our planet’s future. Corvallis

U.S.A. 6-11 July 2009Poster

Olaka L. Trauth M. 2009 Sensitivity of the East African rift lakes to climate variability.

EGU General Assembly Vienna 2009. Talk


Olaka L. Odada E. Trauth M. The sensitivity of East African Rift lakes to Climate

Change. International Workshop on East African Geodynamics Climate Lakes and

Evolution. October 16-17 2008. Potsdam Talk

Olaka L. Trauth M. Roessner S. Zehe E. Climate variability over the Central Kenyan

Rift: Data quality assessment and use. EGU General Assembly Vienna 2008. Poster


Olaka L. and Chikuta, S., (2006) Emerging Issues in Science and Technology for Food

Security in Africa – Perspectives from the African Youth. African Regional Congress

on women in science for food and Nutritional Security in Africa. 3-7 July 2006

Entebbe, Uganda (Talk)


Olaka L. and Chikuta, S., (2006) Emerging Issues in Science and Technology for Food

Security in Africa. 2nd African Regional Youth Congress on Science and Technology

26– 29 June; Accra, Ghana (Talk)

Other Competencies

! Statistical analysis and hydroclimate modeling using MATLAB,

! Knowledge in GIS-spatial analysis using ARCmap,

! Rivertools Remote sensing analysis using ENVI and ERDAS,


! Geological Society of Kenya (GSK)

! International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH);

! American Geophysics Union (AGU);

! European Geosciences union (EGU);

! African Youth forum of Science and Technology on Agriculture (AYFST);

(13) Dr. John M. Nderitu

Lecturer: School of Mathematics.

University of Nairobi. (UON).

Room: Preb.1, Chiromo Campus.


Box 30197 Nairobi 00100. Kenya.

Tel: +154725234747.

E-mail: jndiritu@uonbi.ac.ke

Guiding Principles: I seek to apply truth, justice, fairness, righteousness and

faithfulness in every good thing that I do. Being self-motivated I enjoy

pursuing my job obligations with integrity together with others as a team



• 2001 Graduate Assistant, Dept of Mathematics, University of Nairobi

• 2002 Tutorial Fellow, Dept of Mathematics, University of Nairobi,

• 2004 Lecturer, School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Lecturing Courses Specialty

• Statistical Methods and Multivariate Methods: Both theoretical and

applied approach. Applications and example in R and SPSS statistical

softwares. All at graduate students level.

• Time Series Models and Linear Models: ARIMA, State space models with

application in R. Linear models, Generalized Linear Models, and Generalized Mixed Models. Applications and example in R, MATLAB and SPSS statistical softwares. All at graduate students level.

Calculus: Including basic mathematics, Calculus and advanced calculus

with application in diverse area.

Computing and Computer Programming: Simulation, Data structures,

Structured programming and object oriented programming using C, C++,

Visual basic and R. Others languages include internet applications: PHP,


System Analysis and Design: Information System analysis and practical

approaches to system development.

Research Interests

Research Interests Areas

Climate change: there are diverse areas that we can consider: developing

systems to record, map and predict events, studying the impact of climate

change, the relation of climate change to animal population, estimating

cost of adapting to Climate Change.

Ecological modeling and forecasting: this includes spatial models,

Bayesian models, simulations, analytical approach to differential models,

and numerical approach to model building and analysis.

Population & Epidemiological models: this includes infectious disease

modeling and prediction using mathematical, statistical and spatial

models. Specifically interested in structured population models and


Bayesian approach to modeling: including Bayesian models in

geostatistics. Bayesian Kriging. Time series models and state space models

with application in finance.

Computation and Information systems and their applications

Supervision of Students

Postgraduate students Supervised:

Barasa D.O. (2011), Application of GARCH to Model the KES/US$ Foreign

Exchange Rates Returns. School of Mathematics. UON.

Osiemo P.Q. (2011), Application of ARIMA and GARCH Models inForecasting Pump Oil Prices in Kenya. School of Mathematics. UON.

Gatacha J. (2011), Stochastic Population Forecast For Kenya: ARIMA

Model Approach. School of Mathematics. UON.

Gathacha MN (2009), Multivariate Methods for Asset Returns. School of

Mathematics. UON.

Undergraduate Topics Supervised:

• 2007: Mean variance approach to portfolio analysis: NSE,

• 2010: Insight into Islamic banking in Kenya,

• 2010: Variability of exchange options in the Kenyan Market.

Workshops and Conferences

2011: Research and Grant Proposal Writing. Professional course.

University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services Limited (UNES). August


2009: Advanced Research Methodologies Workshop. Nairobi, Organized by

Center for HIV Prevention and Research (UON) and University of

Washington (USA) 3rd to 14th August 2009:

o Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and

o Geographic Information Analysis (GIA) using ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop


2009: Volkswagen Foundation/DAAD Summer-school on

o “Fieldcourse. The Cradle of Humankind” in the Rift Valley,

September 15-20, 2009, 3 ECTS.

o “MATLAB Recipes for Earth Science” at the University of Nairobi,

September 21-25, 2009, 3 ECTS

2007: Training in pedagogy. University of Nairobi. Nairobi. 1st to 4th2007.

2007: Pure Mathematics training and conference. Mombasa Kenya


2006: 5th symposium on training and research on PAMO (PAMOSTR).

Nairobi, Kenya Institute of Education, 10-14 April 2006.

2004: Workshop on Science and Technology Policy for Sustainable

Development in Kenya. 11th -12th November 2004. Organized by DAAD


2002: In House Training Seminar and Curiculum Development. 5th-9th

March 2002. St. Annes Guest House. Kisumu. Organized by the

Department of Mathematics, University of Nairobi.

Academic Qualifications

2010: Currently pursuing a PhD Mathematical Statistics: School of

Mathematics. UON. Thesis: Mathematical and Statistical Population

Modeling: Elephant Population Modeling.

2010: MSc. Information Systems. University of Nairobi, Project/Thesis:

Technical Trading Support Systems (TTSS): A Stock Market Analyst’s,

Support System.

1998: MSc. Statistics. University of Nairobi. Project/Thesis: Compartmental

Modeling with Application to Population Dynamics.

1995: BSc (Statistics Option). Second class Honors (Upper division),

University of Nairobi.

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Prof Shem O. Wandiga
Professor of Chemistry &
Ag. Director ICCA

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P. O. Box 29053 - Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254-020-632121
Fax: 254-020-632121

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