Approach towards sustainable and Eco-friendly manufacturing processes lecture by Prof. Kailas

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Icca Lecture Room. 101

Professor, Satish V. Kailas, Ph.D.Department of Mechanical Engineering (Associate Faculty at Center for Product Design and Manufacturing) Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru 560012 INDIA.

In a bid to deal with sustainability issues, Prof. Kailas who is a renowned Indian Scholar held a talk at the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation on 6th March 2019. The lecture topic being: "Approach towards sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes''. In his talk, he emphasized the importance of both physical and material sustainability cycle for Human Survival.

In Regard to this, He said that Measuring crops by nutrition instead of yield is at the heart of the forgotten foods enterprise. Ever since the “green revolution” of the 1960s, high-yielding crops have dominated modern agriculture. That was in part a crucial response to devastating famines at a time when the world needed to increase its food supply. Today “nutrition is becoming a time bomb” just four crops – wheat, maize, rice, and soybean – provide two-thirds of the world’s food supply. “We’re dependent on these four,” he says. “But actually there’s 7,000 crops we’ve been farming for thousands of years. We ignore all of those.”



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Prof. Shem Wandiga

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