The Institute for Climate change and Adaptation Partnership with CIRAD and IRD and Kenya Forest Services, on the MIKOKO project

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The Institute for Climate change is partnering with CIRAD and IRD and Kenya Forest Services, on the MIKOKO project which is focused on the conservation and resilience of Kenya’s mangroves improving the coastal transitional eco-systems that must be understood better for them to be leveraged in the battle against climate change. The institute held a meeting on the 5th of June, 2019  followed by a presentation on the 11th of June, 2019 giving an overview of the project.

Afforestation and the re-establishment of Mangrove ecosystems are important as a tool in Climate Change Adaptation because whereas developing countries may not have the resources and technology to practice carbon capture, they have the advantage of climate that can allow for trees to be grown without many challenges that can also serve the same purpose.

Mangroves cover 75% of the sub-tropical coastline and 14% of the world’s blue carbon storage and as such are a good target for adaptation to climate change. In spite of this, the mangroves are currently an endangered species due to the mismanagement of watersheds upstream, deforestation and pollution. Mangrove is extremely important as they provide: Coastal defense against climate-related incidences such as tsunami’s and typhoons, water pollution filtering unique bio-diversity, fish nurseries, soil sedimentation fertilizer, and wood products. Mangroves also have historical and tourist value that improve the economies of the coastal communities.

MIKOKO aims to build capacity to improve knowledge at Masters and Ph.D level through the training of students and in the development of an active collaborative knowledge dissemination platform that can appeal to both academics and practitioners in the sharing of biodiversity knowledge on the Mangrove forests

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