Director, Water Energy and Food Systems - East Africa and Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Architectural Engineering, Prof. Esther Obonyo Visits ICCA on 31st July,2019.

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Wed, 2019-07-31 02:00
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Director's Boardroom (ICCA)

The Director Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation Prof. Shem Wandiga and Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Architectural Engineering, Prof. Esther Obonyo from Penn State explored ways through which a strategic partnership between ICCA and Penn State can address the urgent need for new, science-based policies design and implementation mechanisms that counter silo-thinking in vital urban sectors. The initial collaborative efforts will focus on the issues affecting marginalized communities in small towns such as Kendu Bay in what during the colonial era was known as the Kavirondo Gulf. The required policies, services and institutions must be capable of meeting the three-fold challenge of:

  • Providing access to basic services and vital resources such as housing, water, energy, food, waste management, and healthcare.
  • Sustaining continuous economic development.
  • Managing resources within our planetary limitations while addressing the challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

 Because of the current investment in transportation infrastructure, there is a salient opportunity to improve market access and the bargaining power of the smallholder farmers, many of who currently live below the poverty line. As part of the proposed collaboration, ICCA, and Penn State will examine how evidence-based decision making for investments in transportation infrastructure can contribute to a more positive and equitable transformation of small towns in rural areas. There has been little work done to understand and document how the diverse processes of urbanization along with transportation, corridors contribute to profound transformations in rural areas and in food systems.

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Prof. Shem Wandiga

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