Dr. Simeon O. Dulo

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Enhancing Catchments Management for Sustainable Development in IGAD States

Concept Note submitted by

Dr Simeon Otieno Dulo

Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

Box 30197,  00100    Nairobi.

Tel - 254 733 423 864

Email sodulo@uonbi.ac.ke,




List of participants:


Participant no.

Organisation name

Short name

Org. type


1. (Coordinator)

Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation




2. (Partner)

Makeele University




3. (Partner)

IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre




4. (Client)

Water Resource Management Authority




5. (Client)

Awash River Basin Authority





1. Abstract


Enhancing knowledge of the variables of the global water cycle (precipitation, soil-moisture and evaporation) is essential for mitigation of water-related disasters such as flood and droughts. As the recent hazardous situations in IGAD States show, availability of near-real time earth observation (EO) information on these threats is essential on different catchment scales.


Developing methodologies, hydrological products and services by integrating earth-observation systems, meteorological monitoring and forecasting and water resources management, will support better decision making on strategic and operational levels, resulting in reduction of the loss of human lives as well as social, economic and ecological damages.  In essence, this means that with integrated modelling we can bridge the gaps between the different spatial and temporal scales of earth observation data and the in-situ measurements for better operational water management.


Therefore, there is a clear and urgent need for researching and developing such integrated methodologies and tools, especially applied to the developing countries, where the earth observation data will have greatest impact due to limited existence of ground station monitoring networks.


The main focus of this collaborative research project is capacity building and knowledge management through the demonstrations of earth observation applications for integrated flood and drought forecasting studies in two application areas on river basin and local scales in the IGAD States.


The main lines of the proposed research project are:

·         Requirements analysis for operational water resources management.

·         Data specification, quality and uncertainty assessment (different spatio-temporal scales).

·         Data interoperability (GEOSS / Inspire), integration, data management and near-real time data streaming.

·         Research into methodologies for precipitation, soil moisture and evapo-transpiration estimation algorithms based on EO data, including methodology for uncertainty estimation.

·         Framework for integration of EO data, meteorological, hydrological and hydrodynamic models. This includes the feedback loop between the hydrological and meteorological models.


2. Proposal for collaborative research project




Commission’s objective general:

·         Stimulate export of products and knowledge from IGAD STATES.

·         Stimulate collaboration of IGAD STATES countries with developing countries.

·         Identifying new applications and clients for IGAD STATES space missions.

Specific project objectives:

·         Support GEOSS.

·         Interoperability between observing/monitoring systems.

·         Information management / data sharing.

·         Optimisation of information for understanding modelling and prediction of environmental phenomena.

·         New products (services) for improving the operational water resources management in countries suffering from flood and droughts and droughts.

Better precipitation forecasts for the earth water cycle on both local and global scales.

Where do we make the difference?

·         To increase IGAD competitiveness of provision of online earth observation products and services for operational water management.

·         Strongly SME-driven project: long term business development / utilisation of research results.

·         Application knowledge of the consortium institutions and partner countries: global and local scales (IGAD States).

·         Validation of the existing EO products using the integrated modelling approach.

·         Define specifications for improved earth observation systems from requirements of water resources management.

·         Bridging the gap between earth observation, meteorological data analysis / forecast and operational water management, and improving the interactions of these scientific areas.

·         From innovation to practical real-world applications and services in IGAD States.

Knowledge transfer and capacity building through research and applications of novel earth observation technologies for improved water management and better protection against flood and droughts and droughts.

Working approach


·         Creating open partnership which can deliver services to application countries.

·         Research how to link the three disciplines earth observation, meteorology and water management.

·         Data streaming, creating interoperability and data integration.

·         Development of novel methodology and technologies (including modelling) from both the EO and the operational water management side of the topic.

·         Pilots in two large river basins with overall, large scale, remote sensing monitoring and small scale real-time application.

Capacity building, knowledge management and knowledge transfer.

·         Intermediate reports, final report and 4-5 PhD research.

·         Symposium (in IGAD STATES) + 2 seminars (application countries) + proceedings.

·         Website and portal for project results.

·         Open source software services/products. Information services open to other IGAD STATES projects.

·         Demonstration web-based GIS system, compatible with GEOSS, showing near real-time information abstracted from EO data.

·         Simulation examples for stakeholders to create public awareness.

·         Links to existing river basin initiatives, authorities and networks also in other application countries.




Main tasks

Research effort

Remote Sensing

The Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD)

Image analysis, quality enhancement, forecasting, data streaming

Product development: precipitation, soil moisture, evaporation and evapo-transpiration

Implementing research results of universities / institutes

Working on local scales - calibration       


University / research institute

Project coordination

Integrated water resources modelling

Precipitation pattern estimation, forecasting

Data integration

Knowledge transfer

Capacity building

2 PhD researchers: 1 at Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation at the University of Nairobi on precipitation and flood and drought forecasting.

1 PhD researcher at Makelle University on soil moisture characterisation on different scales for integrated modelling.

Hydrological service provider (Basin Authorities in IGAD states)

Project coordination

Integrated water resources modelling for improved operational management

Applications / services

Product development

2 partners - WRMA  and ARBA (for research testing and implementation)

Application countries:

Universities or Research Institutes

Receiving: Integrated water management authorities, meteorological organisations

Local monitoring/in situ measurements (incl. testing gauges)

Local water cycle monitoring (flood and drought, droughts)

Local expertise in extreme precipitation events

Local good practise analysis

Application countries:

IGAD partner states

2 partners may be approached for the first phase.

2 PhD researchers: Local scale case studies.


4. Beneficiaries

1.       Local water and environment authorities in application countries. Through the deployment of modelling tools, good actices and methodology for improved operational water resources management.

2.       Hydro-meteorological Research groups (institutes / universities) in application countries: Capacity building via Training of Trainers + PhD research studies.

3.       General public in IGAD application countries: creating awareness via online access to a web-based GIS system.

4.       SMEs IGAD: development of new products and services: Product validation and improvement based on the state-of-the-art EO data;

5.       IGAD Universities / Research Institutes: research & development into integrated modelling approaches by utilising local information and knowledge. Enhanced capacity building into remote sensing and meteorological areas for research and education. Expansion of the research network in the application countries.


Name of Firm       :               Department of Civil Engineering, UoN

Name     :               DULO

Profession             :               Water Resources Engineer

Date of Birth          :               1962                                       Box 30197, 00100    Nairobi.

Years with the Firm             :               22                                           Tel - 254 733 423 864       

Nationality             :               Kenyan  Email: sodulo@uonbi.ac.ke, otienodulo@yahoo,co,uk


Membership of professional bodies:       

·                 Fellow of the Hydrological Society of Kenya

·                 Graduate Member of the Institution of Engineer’s of Kenya (IEK)

·                 Graduate Engineer, Engineer’s Registration Board of Kenya (ERB)

·                 Corporate Member of the Kenya Society of Agricultural Engineers

·                 Member of Nile Basin Capacity Building Network on river Engineering

·                 Member of Nile- IWRMnet

·                 Member of NileNet (Nile Basin Initiative)





Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

University of Nairobi


PhD. Civil Engineering

Birmingham University, Midlands, UK


M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering

University of Nairobi


B.Sc. Civil Engineering

Bolton Institute, UK


Certificate in Technical Education



Other Academic Achievements:

2009       University of Nairobi – United States Geological Survey            , Kenya

Certificate in Computer Aided Groundwater Modelling

2008       UNESCO – IHE and Hydraulic Research Institute       , Egypt

Certificate in Computer Aided Catchment Modelling

2007       Nile-IWRMnet      Nairobi, Kenya

Certificate in the economic and financial instruments for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

2006       Nile-IWRMnet      Nairobi, Kenya

Certificate in the role of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in Ecological Conservation

2006       Nile - IWRMnet    Addis, Ethiopia

Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for IWRM.

2005       UNESCO- chair in Water Resources                        Sudan

Certificate in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).



Computer Literacy:


Ms word

Ms excel







Ms access





Key qualifications (Relevant to the project)

Dr. Dulo Simeon Otieno is a Water Resources Engineer with over 22 years experience as a Team Leader in Design, Supervision and evaluation of water and sanitation projects in Kenya and Rwanda.  Dr. Dulo has served as a team leader for the NBCBN Integrated Research project, In country flood Local action Project, a national water sector Review Consultant, Hydrologist, Water Engineer and a consultant in various Consulting firms.  He is currently a senior Lecturer at the University of Nairobi and a Country Consultant for the DEWFORA EU FP-7 program. 


He is an international capacity building expert in IWRM. He has handled various Water and sanitation development projects in Kenya and Rwanda.   His clients have been Governments of these countries as well as other organisations. 


Specific experience in the region






Water Projects Record







2011    to    2013



EU FP-7  Program

Country Consultant

To prepare, a framework for monitoring, predicting, timely (Early) warning and responding (Mitigation) to droughts at the seasonal time scale, applicable within the institutional context of African countries. DEWFORA aims to reduce vulnerability and strengthen preparedness to droughts in Africa.



Howard Humphreys

EA Ltd


Longonot Dam Project;

Preparation of rainfall and runoff data; Analysis of rainfall and stream flow data; flow duration and frequency analysis.

  • Runoff rainfall modelling for the dam design and flood control downstream.



Lake Victoria North Water Service Board


  • Inspection of water institutions, audit (Technical) l and valuation of assets in Kakamega, Busia, Nzoia, Kitale and Eldoret towns.
  • Preparation of asset registers for new water utility companies.






Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Regional research; Nairobi

  • Integrated Flood and Drought Management for Sustainable Development in the Nile Basin: The case of Nzoia and Kagera River Basins.
  • Capacity Building for Local Communities to EffectivelyRespond To Floods and Droughts.





Research Engineer

Nile Basin Capacity Building Network; Nairobi

  • Hydrological forecasting and modelling for the Nzoia and Nyando Basins
  • Collection of Hydrological and Meteorological data and run-off analysis for Nzoia and Nyando Rivers.



Egis bceom International

Hydrology Expert

High Grand Falls Dam Project – Tana River;

Preparation of rainfall and runoff data; Analysis of rainfall and stream flow data; flow duration and frequency analysis.

Runoff rainfall modelling for the dam design and flood control downstream.



Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Water Resource Expert

Developing a National Flood Management Strategy. Review flood incidences and impacts in the basins; review policy and intervention plans and recommend strategies for basin flood management.



Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Team Leader

Inspection of water institutions, audit (Technical) l and valuation of assets in the northern region of the RVWSB. Preparation of asset registers for new water utility companies.



Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Review Consultant

Audit and evaluation of sector institutions performance in the 2007/08 financial year. Recommending undertakings for the next financial year 2008/09.



Heritage Consultants

Water Engineer

Supervision and Quality control of water and sanitation projects in Lake Victoria North on behalf of the Water Services Board on the following Rural Water and Sanitation Projects ; 

  • Seum Project in Trans Nzoia East district in Rift Valley Province.
  • Khalumuli Project in Yalusi, Bungoma district.



LEXMAR Engineering

Water Engineer

Hydrological survey for the Ganzo Tea Estate water supply

Design of ; 

  • Intake works and transmission lines for the project in Rwanda.
  • Water treatment and distribution network to Project factory, staff estates, schools and social amenities.
  • Waste water collection and treatment units for the project.



LEXMAR Engineering

Water Engineer

Design of ; 

  • River intake works and transmission lines for the Gatare infrastructure project in Rwanda.
  • Water treatment and distribution network to Project factory, staff estates, schools and social amenities.
  • Waste water collection and treatment units for the project.




Howard Humphreys EA Ltd.

Hydrologist Engineer

  • Masinga Dam Project;
  • Preparation of rainfall and runoff data;
  • Analysis of rainfall and stream flow data.
  • Preparation of elevation storage curves




University of Nairobi

Research Consultant

  • Study of historical data from available meteorological and river gauging stations to determine trends in rainfall, river flows, and temperature variations for Nyando and Nile Basins.
  • Hydrological appraisal of Nyando River Basin





·         Investigation of flooding problems at the Kendu Bay Ginnery, Rachuonyo District.

·         Study of the characteristics of water crossings and hydrological structures for roads in Rachuonyo District.





University of Nairobi, Department of Metrology


Main Project Features ;

  • World Metrological Organisation (IMTR) program on hydrology for capacity building in East and Central Africa.


Books and Publications

Dulo S.O. and Wasonga M.(2011). Assessment of Urban Water Supply: Case Study of Athi Town. Lulu Publishers Ltd, September 2011. ISBN- 978-1-105-09985-4

Dulo S.O, (2010). Solid Waste Management: Leachate Migration into Groundwater. VDM Publishing House Ltd, November 2010. ISBN- 13: 978-363909188

Dulo S.O, Ndirangu W, Kabubi J (2009). Hydro-climatic Disasters in Water Resources Management. Training Manual, UNDPCap-Net, March 2009.

Dulo S.O, Odira P.M.A, Nyadawa M.O. and Okelloh B.N (2010). Integrated Flood and Drought Management for Sustainable Development in the Nzoia River Basin. Nile Water Science & Engineering Journal, Vol.3 (2) October 2010: pp. 39-51. ISSN2090-0953

Dulo S.O (2008). The Impact of Decentralised Management Models in Water and Sanitation Projects in Kenya. Proceedings of the 2nd International Civil Engineering Conference on Civil Engineering and Sustainable Development, September 2008, pp, 335-340. ISBN 9966-923-42-X.

Dulo S.O (2008). Knowledge Management and Capacity Building in IWRM in Kenya. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Re-orienting Civil Engineering Education and Training, September 2008, pp, 113-118.

Dulo S.O and Ogogo C. (2008). Migration of Leachate from Uncollected Solid Waste Dumpsite. Journal of Civil Engineering Practice, Vol. 5 (1) 2008: pp. 79-90 AJOL.

Dulo S.O (2008). Determination of some Physico-chemical parameters of the Nairobi River, Kenya. Journal of Applied Science and Environmental Management, March, 2008, Vol. 12(1) 47 – 52, AJOL

Among others


Language skills










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