Climate Risk Management and Food Security

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Over 50% of household food needs and an equivalent share of income emanate from Agriculture. Climate change intensifies food insecurity as most of sub-Sahara Africa is dependant on rain– fed agriculture. Countries that have significant agricultural production from the coastal zones such as Kenya are under threat from climate change.

Communities that depend on livestock for their livelyhoods will also face challenges as animal-borne diseases such as Lyme disesase borne by ticks will have their geographical area increased by the increase in air temprature.





Course code

Course Name

ICCA 609

Resilient Agro-systems

ICCA 610

Land ICCA Management and Governance

ICCA 611

Climate Sensitive Agro-ecological Zones

ICCA 612

Climate Change and Food Production Systems

ICCA 613

Climate Change Implications to Fisheries and Aqua-culture

ICCA 614

Overview of Climate Risk Management

ICCA 615

Drivers of Risk, Policies and Approaches, Tools and Practices

ICCA 616

Decision Support Tools for Reducing Climate Risk

ICCA 617

Regional Focus

ICCA 618

Institutional Mechanisms and Issues




Area Of Specialization

Prof William Ogara

Climate Change and Adaption – Livestock and Livelihoods

Dr. Peninah  Ogada

Sociology & Policy

Dr. Gilbert Ouma

Climate Risk Assessment

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