Policy and Communications

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Thematic Area Title and Description


Course Code

Course Name

ICCA 629

Policy Development

ICCA 630

Integrating Climate Change Policies at Multiple levels

ICCA 631

Policy on Techologies

ICCA 632

The Politics of Climate Change

ICCA 633

The Politics of Water

ICCA 634

Principles of Communications

ICCA 635

Strategic Communications for Influencing Environmental Behavior

ICCA 636

Process and Structure of Mass Communications

ICCA 637

Climate Change Information Packaging

ICCA 638

Information Dissemination Advocacy




Area Of Specialization

Dr G. Outa

Climate Change Governance and Policy

Dr. E. Kituyi

Environmental Chemistry

Dr. P. Ogada

Sociology & Policy

Dr Ali Adan

Senior Researcher, Environment, Waste & Climate

Career Opportunities

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