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Thematic Area Title and Description

Technology transfer is critical in an effective global response to the climate change challenge, since technology is the source of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions. Achieving substantial reduction of GHGs requires innovation to transform current technologies into cleaner and climate-resilient technologies. Technology innovation is thus the foundation for sustainable economic development for all countries.

They include know-how, goods and services, and equipment, as well as organizational and managerial procedures. Priority research areas include amongst others:

  • energy efficiency – market transformation for energy efficiency in industry and buildings;
  • renewable energy technologies;
  • emerging, low-carbon, energy-generating technologies;
  • cost-effective short-term response measures; and
  • sustainable low carbon transport and urban systems.


Course Code

Course Name

ICCA 616

Decision Support Tools for Reducing Climate Risk

ICCA 623

Infrastructure and Industry Adaptation for Climate Change

ICCA 631

Policy on Technologies

ICCA 638

Information Dissemination and Advocacy

ICCA 639

Greening the Built Environment

ICCA 640

Technology for Climate Change Adaptation in the Urban Environment

ICCA 641

Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation in the Rural Areas

ICCA 642

Renewable Energy Technologies

ICCA 643

Technologies for carbon foot reduction

ICCA 649

Early Warning Systems Communication




Area Of Specialization

Dr. S. Dulo

Climate Change and Water Resources

Prof. Madara Ogot

Climate Change and Sustainable Technology

Dr. C. Oludhe

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Dr Ali Adan


Dr. W. Ouma

Climate Risk Assessment

Dr. Outa


Dr. E. Kituyi

Environmental Chemistry

Prof. Wandiga

Environmental Chemistry and Governance

Career Opportunities

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