Vision, Mission & Core Values

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To be the institution of choice for innovative climate change and adaptation research and training


Building human capacity necessary to address the unique climate change adaptation needs of vulnerable communities through teaching, action-oriented research, development of innovative technologies and community participation. Providing expert advice for national and regional policy formulation and implementation.

Core Values

  1. Safeguarding the environment for posterity.
  2. Freedom of thought and expression in academic inquiry and other activities.
  3. Visionary, Innovative and creative work and leadership.
  4. Good corporate governance exemplified by efficiency, effectiveness, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.
  5. Effective teamwork, mentorship and collaboration
  6. Upholding professionalism, ethical standards and meritocracy.
  7. Providing unique and quality customer service.
  8. Nurturing responsible corporate citizenship, strong social and environmental responsibility.
  9. Embracing Information and Communication Technology in all our activities


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