International Students


The University of Nairobi is home to over 40 nationalities from various parts of the World. It is important that International students are equipped with the right information during their studies at the University of Nairobi. 

The University of Nairobi comprises of the following campuses

  • Main Campus: Located in the Central Business District
  • Chiromo Campus: Located off  Riverside Drive
  • Lower Kabete Campus: Located along Lower Kabete Road
  • Kikuyu Campus: Located near Kikuyu Town
  • Kenyatta National Campus: Located within Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Parklands Campus: Located  in Parklands
  • Kenya Science Campus: Located along Ngong Road.

The university also has campuses in Mombasa and Kisumu. Students can locate these campuses through google maps.


The Students’ Welfare Authority (SWA) is in charge of student accommodation and catering. Majority of the students’ halls of Residence and Central Catering Unit are situated along State House Road. Foreign Students who wish to be considered for on - campus accommodation should apply at least six months in advance to the Director, SWA, through the respective Deans/Directors of Faculties/Schools/Institutes. Admission to the University does not guarantee on-campus accommodation.

Contact Information

Director; Student Welfare Authority

Physical Location:   State House Road

Telephone:  020 -4913433

Email: /


Off-Campus Accommodation

Students can also find secure and private accommodation outside the University e.g. YMCA, YWCA, QWETU and other secure and affordable guesthouses (see the list below). Students are advised to seek assistance regarding such accommodation from Dean of Students or the International Office



General Conduct

All students shall conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, personal discipline and morality and in particular, shall:-

  1. Respect and adhere to the administrative and academic procedures and structures established by the University of Nairobi Act for the control, governance and operations of the University,
  2. Respect the rights and privileges of the members of the University community at all times.
  3. Carry themselves in all public places or fora with such humility and dignity as befits their status as mature and responsible citizens

Academic Conduct:

  1. All students shall apply themselves diligently to the courses of study approved by Senate and for which they are registered and, in particular, shall,
  2. Except for good cause, attend all lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical  and Other scheduled courses of instructions,
  3. Refrain from any conduct whose objects or logical consequences is to disrupt the operation of academic programmes of the University, and
  4. Comply with all other regulations made by Department, Faculties and Colleges for the proper conduct of specific programmes.



International students at the University of Nairobi should take note of the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with local customs and culture to appreciate aspects like etiquette, greetings, taboos, and others and to enable easier and faster integration.
  • Avoid going to downtown areas and other areas considered insecure when away from campus.
  • Travel in a group or the company of locals if you are not sure about the safety of your destination.
  • Always carry your Student ID together with your Student pass or passport.
  • The main campus facilitates for automated banking services provided by ABSA Bank, the Cooperative Bank and KCB Bank.
  • Avoid inviting strangers in your residence.

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For more information please contact:

International Office

The Directorate Corporate Affairs

University Towers, 17th Floor

P.O. BOX 30197 00100


Telephone:   +254 20491 3193/+254 20491 3058