Student Organizations

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ICCA Research Support Group

Proposed Activities

  • Monthly discussion group meetings with PhD and M.Sc. students from ICCA and other departments to share challenges and opportunities in their research journey
  • Short trainings on research writing, data analysis tools, funding options, publishing, research ethics, communicating research etc
  • Connection to opportunities for further training and, funding opportunities including “sponsorship” from senior researchers for funding applications
  • Technical assistance from mentors and other specialists in statistics, GIS, data analysis tools, thesis proofreading etc.
  • Writing grants winning proposals
  • Kick starting your career – how to package ones soft and hard skills (how to write research statements, motivation letters etc)
  • Presentation skills
  • Pairing between senior and junior researchers for mentorship and guidance

Proposed mentors for the support group

  1. Dr. Tobias Nyumba (ICCA, University of Nairobi)
  2. Dr. Margaret Owuor (South Eastern Kenya University/ ICCA)
  3. Dr. Cornelius Okello (Machakos University/ ICCA)
  • To promote academic excellence by providing the members with relevant study materials such as past papers and tutorials; as well as useful hints on how to achieve the best in academics.