Policy dialogue Webinar, 07 May 2020

June 25, 5:14 pm

Prof. Dan Olago, ICCA Water, Environment, and Ecosystem Coordinator participated in the policy dialogue webinar that was held on Monday 11, May 2020. The conversation and learning were about what’s going on in the Lake basin and even beyond.

See; Below is the Webinar Plan 



1. Be updated on the situation and appreciate the enormity of the impact of the backflow on lives, livelihoods, ecosystems, and infrastructure.

  • How serious is the loss (lives, businesses, property, etc.
  • How are communities coping? Who is organizing them?
  • How have the County Governments responded to assist communities cope?
  • What role for LREB e.g. in convening leadership of affected counties?
  • What interventions are humanitarian organizations taking up right now to support the communities?
  • What is the main challenge in the process of helping communities cope? What more could be done to meet immediate needs?

PANELIST; Mr. Manyolo, Ms. Ibrahim

2. To increase the public’s understanding of the phenomenon from a scientific perspective and clarify the role of early warning.  

  • What is the cause of the lake overflow?
  • Is it unique to Lake Victoria?
  • How long is the phenomenon expected to last?
  • Will it recur after some years? Any lessons from the 1963 episode?
  • Was there any early warning for the current flooding? was it communicated to the relevant stakeholders?

PANELIST; Prof Olago, Dr. Mutua

3. To propose options towards long term resilience building for the region

  • Which way for the Lake Victoria and Basin ecosystem resilience?
  • What practical resilience building solutions do you suggest from experiences elsewhere—for ecosystems and communities?
  • Are existing policies sufficient? What gaps if any?
  • What gaps should research address towards resilience building?

PANELIST ;Ms. Tek, Dr. Mumba