DCP Virtual Training Programme 2020, Sessions 5 & 6: Engaging with International Financial Institutions in Development Corridors/ EIAs & SEAs.

The Development Corridors Project (DCP) in which Prof. Dan Olago is a co-Principal Investigator has been carrying out an online training programme (see attached file) and opened it up to a maximum of TEN (10) Ph.D. students.

Some of the students who were interested in the session, listed in order of the “early bird” includes Charles Onyango, Jim Oduor, Bertha Othoche, Calvince Ouko, Mary Mwangi, Anne Simiyu, Peninah Mwenda, Evelyn Ng'ang'a, Jacinta Kinyunzu, and Patricia Kamalingin. All Ph.D. students at the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation, undertaking a diverse range of research.

A short blog post about some insights from the session (for World Environment Day), can be found on this link: https://developmentcorridors.org/2020/06/05/tooling-up-to-act-for-nature/, and one can share the post through your own networks, where appropriate.

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