Dr. Daniel Olago

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Name:    Daniel Ochieng Olago                      

Date of Birth:         3rd November 1965

Marital Status:      Married with 2 children                      

Contact information including mobile:             Mobile  +254-722-768536

                                                                Tel: +254-20-4442015 ext 2095

Email: dolago@uonbi.ac.ke; olagodan@yahoo.co.uk

Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Geology, University of Nairobi (academic staff member since 1996)


Dr. Daniel Olago is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geology, University of Nairobi. Following his selection as RHODES Scholar for Kenya, 1990, he obtained his D.Phil. in Physical Geography at the University of Oxford, England. Prior to that he was a DAAD Scholar at the University of Nairobi. His research interests are in the following areas: Environmental geology, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology, Geolimnology, and Human impact on the environment - past and present. He has published widely in these fields of research and in 1998 won the International START Young Scientist Award for the research paper “Long-term temporal characteristics of palaeomonsoon dynamics in equatorial Africa. Global and Planetary Change Vol. 26 /1-3: 159-171”. Dr. Olago has been involved in multi-disciplinary research, training and capacity building activities on global environmental change in sub-Saharan Africa, including climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, for about 15 years. He has also carried out several environmental and assessments both locally and abroad. He is an immediate past member of the IGBP-PAGES Scientific Steering Committee. He is currently a member of the following international scientific committees: (1) Variability in African Climate System (CLIVAR-VACS) Panel (2) International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC). He serves on the Editorial Boards of the following international journals: Quaternary International, The Holocene, and Palaeoecology of Africa. He is presently Chairman of the Geological Society of Kenya, and member of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences. He was also a Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report for the Palaeoclimatology chapter.




1989                                       3 year, B.Sc., University of Nairobi, Kenya

1992                                       2 year, M.Sc., Geology, University of Nairobi, Kenya

1996                                       4 year, D.Phil., Physical Geography, University of Oxford, UK



Key Qualifications/Experience

Key areas of experience

Key Qualifications/Experience

·         Environmental Geologist

Teaching (University level: Undergraduate., Masters., PhD candidates) and research in the following areas for 18 years:

1.       Quaternary palaeoclimatology and palaeoenvironments

2.       Environmental Geology, Geolimnology, Sedimentology and Organic Geochemistry

3.       Palaeontology and Palynology

4.       Surface and sub-surface water chemistry and dynamics

5.       Human impact on the environment, global change processes, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change: past and present


·         Environmental policies, laws and regulations

Familiar with  (mostly Kenyan) policies, laws and regulations that directly or indirectly relate to environmental policies and sustainability issues


·         Capacity development in global environmental change

·         Involved in projects/programmes on capacity building in global environmental change research in sub-Saharan Africa.

·         Successfully supervised several Master of Science and Ph.D. students in my areas of expertise

·         Computerised data management and GIS

·         Skilled in the use of Information Technology tools.

·         Training workshops in: Integrated Environmental Assessment and Reporting; Development and Application of Scenarios in Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability Assessments; and GIS Applications for Management of Earth Resources Data and Information.





1.       Chairman, Geological Society of Kenya (GSK), March 2007 to date

2.       Vice-Chairman, Geological Society of Kenya (GSK), 2006 to 2007; member since 1997.

3.       Member, International Lake Environment Committee, 2007-

3.       Member, Climate Variability (WCRP) – Variability in African Climate System (CLIVAR-VACS) Panel, June 2003 to date.

4.       Member, Kenya National Academy of Sciences, 2005 to date

5.       International Scientific Steering Committee Member, International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme - Past Global Changes Programme (IGBP-PAGES SSC), 2000-2005.


membership on international journal editorial boardS


1.       Palaeoecology of Africa, 2007 to date

2.       The Holocene, 2005 to date

3.       Quaternary International, 2004 to date



1.       Contributed to the Award of Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as Lead Author in Working Group 1: Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis.

2.       1998 International START Young Scientist Award for the research paper (in press at the time): Olago, D.O. et al. (2000).  Long-term temporal characteristics of palaeomonsoon dynamics in equatorial Africa. Global and Planetary Change Vol. 26 /1-3: 159-171.

3.       RHODES Scholar for Kenya, 1990, University of Oxford, UK.

4.       DAAD Scholar, University of Nairobi, 1989 to 1990.
























Ranking: Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor

RECENT Publications


a) Journal Articles and Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters (*)






Wandiga, S.O., Opondo, M., Olago, D.O., Githeko, A., Githui, F., Marshall, M., Downs, T., Opere, A., Yanda, P.Z., Kangalawe, R., Kabumbuli, R., Kathuri, J., Apindi, E., Olaka, L., Ogallo, L., Mugambi, P., Sigalla, R., Nanyunja, R., Baguma, T/. Achola, P. Vulnerability to epidemic malaria in the highlands of Lake Victoria basin: the role of climate change/variability, hydrology, health and socio-economic factors. Journal of Climatic Change. DOI 10,1007/s10584-009-9670-7.

14th October, 2009


Olago, D.O., Opere, A. and Barongo, J. (2009) Holocene palaeohydrology, groundwater and climate change in the lake basins of the Central Kenya Rift. Hydrological Sciences Journal.

August 2009


Lead Author. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report: The Physical Basis of the Climate System, Chapter 6 - Palaeoclimate

September 2007


Olago, D.O., Marshall, M., Wandiga, S.O., and others (2007) Climatic, socio-economic and health factors affecting human vulnerability to cholera in the Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa. Ambio, 36(4): 350-358.


June 2007



Olago, D.O. and Odada, E.O. (2007) Sediment impacts in Africa’s transboundary lake/river basins: case study of the East African Great Lakes. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 10(1):23-32.


March 2007


Odada, E.O. and Olago, D.O. (2006) Challenges of an ecosystem approach to water monitoring and management of the African Great Lakes. Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 9(4):433-446.


December 2006


Odada, E.O. and Olago, D.O. (2005). Holocene Climatic, Hydrological and Environmental Oscillations in the Tropics with Special Reference to Africa. In: Pak Sum Low (Ed.) Climate Change and Africa. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. (*)


January 2005


Odada, E.O., Olago, D.O., Kulindwa, K., Ntiba, M. and Wandiga, S. (2004). Mitigation of environmental problems in Lake Victoria, East Africa: Causal chain and policy option analyses. Ambio, 33 (1-2): 13-23.


February 2004



b) Books






Otter, L., Olago, D.O., and Niang, I. (Eds.) (2007). Global Change Processes and Impacts in Africa: A Synthesis. East African Educational Publishers Ltd., Nairobi.

October 2007


Odada, E.O., Olago, D.O. and Ochola, W. (Eds.) (2006). An Ecosystems Assessment of Lake Victoria Basin. UNEP/PASS.


June 2006


UNEP, 2006. Lake Victoria Basin Environment Outlook: Environment and Development. UNEP, Nairobi.


June 2006


Odada, E.O. and Olago, D.O. (Eds.) (2002). The East African Great Lakes: Limnology, Palaeolimnology and Biodiversity. Advances in Global Change Research, Volume 12. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 586 p.

July 2002



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